About Me

About Me
My name is Hannah and I am a 12 year old artist.I love using watercolor and making ACEO'S. I am also a chocoholic and I am extremely good at drawing. Thank you so much for stopping by.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Candace is here and Beach Fun!

As you can see, Candace recently visited! She has been all over the U.S., visiting other artists, and has come to us from Alaska, WAAAAY colder than my home, as you can see. We did a lot together: going to the movies, glasses shopping, bowling, and the beach!

By the looks of things, I'm guessing Candace really liked everything we did (especially the glasses)! Please come visit again!
I gotta go. Thanks ocean for your fish, dolphins, and whales! Ciao, Hannah

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